Higher State Started life in early May 2006... an idea of putting the Finest Trance / Progressive music out on the air waves as a radio show, its founders, Luigi Palagano & Matt Dyson started the Radio Station with the help of a Brand New Worldwide Station Pure.Fm. Higher State later pushed into other areas like running its own nights and events and has seen some massive names in the Industry play alongside its DJ's. Five years later, with a amazing roster of DJ's, the Brand still goes strong and is still pushing the boundaries.


This is where it all start..... Higher State Began as a Monthly Radio Show broadcasted on Online, Worldwide based Radio Station Pure.FM. Tune in to the Higher State Radio by simply going to the Pure.FM website and clicking on the Trance Section.

1st & 3rd Saturday of Every Month :: Luigi Palagano & Guests + Artist Guest mix (7-9PM) GMT www.pure.fm


If you do happen to miss the Radio Show, get it here by subscribing to the Podcast or just downloading the show, or if you at work you can listen to it on the built in playing on the website. Listen back to previews shows and see the Track listings. Every show has a Artist Guest mix from someone in the EDM scene so check the diary to see who was have on up and coming shows.

Failing all that you can search for "Higher State Podcast" or "Luigi Palagano" in the I-Tunes Store www.higherstatepodcast.com


Higher State Loves Slingshot is a completely new Concept never tried anywhere in the world before.

We combined the Higher State Brand and its Sound with one of Europe's Highest Injection Seat Rides in the town of Ayia Napa, creating the perfect Atmosphere. What can only be described as a start of the Art outdoor club, with a massive PA system, lights on the towers of the slingshot, and most importantly the DJ 10 metres in the air on a custom made DJ Booth on one of the arms of the slingshot.

Higher State Loves Slingshot has been running twos years on the trot now and we've been very very happy with its success. See the website for more information www.higherstatemusic.com


Higher State Events still running throughout England, just with the currently scene we only have one off events for the time being. Watch this space for more information though


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