Luigi Palagano is fast becoming a trade mark, an industry staple for how to conquer the electronic dance music scene.

Born in the synth inspired 80’s as soon as he was high enough to reach the decks and a pc he began to create… Not content with the average he started to perfect his sound injecting his own style and passion but most importantly… his soul!

These days with the digital era every man and his dog is becoming a dj or producer but what they lack is what Luigi is blessed with… that’s vision, insight and a love for what he truly believes in… The Music!

What does it take to be a successful dj?

A two year diploma in music technology, a popular radio show hosted by Pure Fm, A gig diary taking up most of his weekends with the likes of Rompa Stompa, Connected and not forgetting his very own brand Higher State… Both incorporating the radio show and a list of events in the UK and abroad showcasing brand new talent and well established djs and producers like Guy Ornadel, Mike Foyle, Les Hemstock to name just a few.

In the studio Luigi has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. After creating his own studio and familiarising himself with the latest hardware and sequencers now finds the time to pass his wisdom and skills onto new unsigned artists and producers which he promotes through his radio show and events.

2009 will see a number of brand new projects working with the Higher State guise including Higher State Loves Sling Shot, an event based in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. This will be one of the first events of its kind with live dj performances from the towers of one of the worlds highest ejection seat rides in the world!

Another project for Luigi will be as a music director for fashion shows across the UK, working closely with the stylists and designers to promote the right ambience and atmosphere for each event.

Higher State is becoming a very trusted brand… It’s not afraid to experiment; it’s alive in its belief of new talent. It’s not to profiteer on the commercial world which is slowly fading to the new… Its efforts now are to work with other brands within the industry and take the scene to a whole new and exciting level…

Luigi plays anything from Trance, Progressive, Tech Trance and Electro to the Deep, Soulful, Funky sounding Drum & Bass.

It takes the sort of passion and commitment that someone is prepared to donate to their ambition, it takes knowledge of promotion, production and the consistency to survive in this busy and challenging industry…

But most of all it requires a very real and very sincere love of electronic dance music...

That would be the answer... Luigi Palagano.



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